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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sami, Ethan, Hannah and Elijah's Basketball Games!

Sami's JV Basketball Home Game. They wear white and blue and red at home and Red and white and blue at away games. This was a home game for all the girls and boys teams. Needless to say it was a long night of basketball! Love watching her play thou!
Ethan 's First Basketball Game on the Junior League. Whats really cool and you will notice is all the kids shirts say Spurs on it but in different colors for each team. Why you might ask. Well the San Antonio Spurs have sponsored the Youth Center's Winter Basketball League this season! So Ethan's age group of 12-13 year olds and his team got the yellow shirts. He is loving it and differently more active now that he knows the basics of the game from playing this past summer. Love watching him play also!
Hannah's First Basketball Game! As explained above the Spurs are the sponsors of the league and she is in the age group of 9-10 year olds. She did really well and even made a shot which she was soooo excited about! She said "Mom it was all NET!!!" Chris said she just got right in there and played hard. I think watching Sami and Ethan play has made her get really into liking the game as well as playing it.
Elijah's First Basketball Game. Of course, wouldn't you go figure they gave Elijah's team orange shirts as well! Couldn't I have 4 different colors to keep them separate! NOPE! Anyway, Elijah plays on the 7-8 year old league. So half court games. He was so bumbed they lost but he got to take a shot and throw the ball in and was very excited about playing basketball. He loves too that he is playing basketball just like his brother and sisters. Chris said he was just all smiles the whole time and really enjoying playing. I am very happy that the kids are loving playing basketball. Its so much fun to watch them play anyway but its even better when the kids enjoy playing and love to go and get in there and play too. So welcome to The Final Four's Basketball Season! Yes, we are hopping from practice to practice and game to games but I would much rather the kids be active than not, and be involved and out doing something physical then always sitting at home. Which is why I make them pick a sport every season to play. Soccer and Baseball Season is coming up after this! So we will see which direction the kids go from there!
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