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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!! Welcome 2011 Love The Final Four!

This is a collage of all of us in the living room watching the New York New Years Eve Ball Drop! The kids were so excited. Chris had gone out and bought some pie's and cheesecakes and bottles of sparkling cider and also went to a Fireworks stand and bought a bunch of Large Sparklers and small ones and poppers and those ones you throw and they pop! So we got the camera out and got some pictures watching the ball drop in the living room and then headed out back, lit up the fire pit to keep warm and got some pictures of The Final Four and a Picture of Nana and Papaw and Uncle Jay with the kids before all of them started to crawl out of their skins to go play with the sparklers.
Some of these pictures are blurry, the smoke and them spinning and running were blurry. SORRY!!! However, Ethan and Hannah's friends came by also to celebrate with them too. They had a good time running around. We could hear all the fireworks going off downtown and around town but it was so foggy and cloudy we couldn't see them only hear them. Oh well, we made our own fireworks show and sat by the fire pit and had fun with the kids before we called it a night and went to bed. Happy New Year's Everyone and may 2011 bring us all Happiness and Joy, with more ups then downs. We love all our family and friends and couldn't ask for much more.
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