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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Day at a Friends Horse Ranch

Chris works with a guy who's wife is becoming a family advocacy counselor at BAMC. So her and friends asked if our family would be willing to be "Ginnie pigs" so to speak as a family with a returned deployed parent and how the dynamics change a family with reunions and working the family back together as a family unit. So with that said, they knew our family issue's and the family issues we face and so we said sure we will do it. So we got there and they had us as a family bridle the horse together and name the horse and explain why we choose the horse and why we named it "Lucky" etc.... The kids and Chris and I had a good time and the kids want to go back and they asked if we would and said sure. The lady even said she did riding lessons and of course my kids jumped on that band wagon! It was a wonderful afternoon needless to say and hopefully if we do go back the kids can ride.
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