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Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas

These are pictures from a couple different camera's and angles of all of us taking photos from Christmas Morning. The kids ofcourse went first and loved everything they got. We have hardly seen them outside of playing with their new stuff and outside with friends!
After the kids opened all their gifts we cleaned up the living room and carried everything to the kids rooms and started again with the adults. The kids were extra excited this year because Chris took each of the kids out by themselves to shop for everyone. So they were so happy to hand each of us a gift they picked out and bought for all of us this year. It was very neat to see the excitement of giving on their faces.
Uncle Jay got tons of Steeler's gear! Watch, Wallet, Shirts, Pj's, and autographed helmet, and a 6 time SuperBowl Coat with all the patch's going down one arm and he loves it. He said he can't wait for #7 this year! Everyone that has their teams got their baseball and football team jerseys, hoodies, jackets, blankets, watch's, shirts, bedding etc.... I got 4 new pairs of pj's!!! and my new fossil watch with the pearl face and cute stuff from the kids. No Sports clothing for this girl! Everyone was looking at me but its ok, I don't have a team, I will just go get me some more clothes at the store! hehehehe:) No I am good, love my pj's and wear them the most!
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