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Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas Part 2

these are more pictures of Christmas Morning with the adults and kids opening presents. We had such a fun filled happy morning. Everyone was all smiles and laughing and enjoying the moment.
I love the picture of my dad, He put on his snuggie!!! ( he hates snuggies) but its a really nice thick NFL Vikings one and the kids made him stand up and put his arms in it so he had one just like him. He has such a great smile and laugh in this picture. We all did. Everyone got what they wanted and then some! We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas too!
The night before Christmas when all was finally quiet in the house. Santa arrived and delivered presents and brand new bikes for The Final Four and stuffed 9 stockings! Santa was a hit! Then we got some pictures of Elijah doing what he does best, singing and performing for everyone in the house after the girls were done dancing on the Wii. Ethan took his large Swat Helicopter outside to fly with Dad and Dad flew it and ofcourse got it lost in the woods! Ethan was freaking out thinking it was lost forever because after a hour of searching they couldn't find it. Finally, Everyone went on a search and it cleared the woods and landed on the other side of a housing area in someones backyard. Just by luck that someone spotted it! Crisis adverted! They are enjoying riding the new bikes in the neighborhood, and just enjoying themselves period. We have had a very low key Christmas with no plans. ITs been really nice. Now onto New Year's Week!
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