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Monday, November 29, 2010

Six Flags Holiday's at the Park Pictures

OK, so none of us brought a camera except our cellphones! I wasn't caring around a huge case, and well we didn't bring one. So luckily thou, we did get some cellphone shots that turned out good and in the park they have people that take your photos and you can buy these pictures. So we got them and I scanned them all and gave Jody the originals because I can print mine out.... and have them saved forever in my computer! The group one is when we came into the park, then of course we got all 10 to take a photo with Santa and then all 10 in front of Santa's House. Then we got Team Cooper with Santa and The Final Four with Santa and at Wiggles World I got a picture of Elijah and the Triplets on the roller coaster. Yeah!!! Its time for Christmas!!! We had a good time. I stayed with the triplets and Elijah at Wiggles World, and the others took off to go ride rides, then we met up for the tree lighting ceremony and watched them light the tree and fireworks go off and fake snow come out of the sprayer's. Then we headed to ride a couple more rides and everyone got to drive on the race track. Mind you during this time the sun had set and it was FREEZING outside! Yes, I know we live in South Texas and No in the 3 years I have lived here it has never been that cold. We bought everyone gloves and had to buy Chris and Hannah Heavy Sweater jackets to keep warm. Then we went to eat and drink Hot chocolate with holiday sprinkles and warm up while the older kids took off to go ride the Scream. Its a tower that shoots 20 story's high and drops you. They loved it! There were hardly any lines and the kids got to go many times over on the rides. Then Chris took a couple kids to play games while the older kids went to ride rides and Jody and I took the younger 4 back to Wiggles World to ride the Big Red Car before the park closed. By time we all got home, we all literally got into pj's, and all went to bed and crashed! We wish we had one more day to squeeze in Sea World's Holiday Park but one day we will!
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