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Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Not till the Fat Lady Sings Right!!! Well, Chris was the hit on the base last night. HE got so much attention walking around as a Fat Ballerina. Strangers took pictures with him, Men we didn't know would wrap their legs around him and grab him and he just went with it and took pictures for everyone! To bad we really don't know these people because I am sure there are some good ones out there. Even the SP's walking the streets got some pic's with him and the one lady cop was like you must be so proud! I was like yep, that is my man! Had everyone laughing! Sami, Ethan, Hannah,and Elijah had a blast also. Sami and Ethan went off with friends trick or treating and would run into Chris with Elijah and Hannah and even had their friends taking pictures with their friends. Sami and friends went as bugs, Sami was a bee, and friends were lady bugs, butterfly's etc... Ethan was a as the package said A Killer Skateboarder. However, he only wore the mask and gloves. I said No to everything else and he was fine with that. Hannah wanted to be a Angel but they were sold out, so she became a Midnight Fairy! Elijah still in the superhero age, was Batman! He was the first one done trick or treating and came home to help mommy and Uncle Jay pass out candy. Then came Ethan, and then Sami and Chris and Hannah were last. I think Chris liked all the attention. Each kid had a story of some sort of something with Dad in his costume which the kids helped him pick out! Oh how I love my family, yep I am reminded of the commercial with the mom trying to get a perfect photo and then gets the windows cloud program and replaces faces and says" now I can have the family I have always wanted that nature never could!" Hope you all had a Happy Halloween! Can't believe it but the Holidays have offically arrived. Thanksgiving and Christmas! Bring it on:)
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