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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beth's Graduation Ceremony!

We took many pictures but these are the best ones.... the 4 small sq's in corner are pictures of the F-15 flying over the parade grounds with the sun and flag in it, a long distance shot of Becky in red shirt sitting up front, the TI's forming in front of us and a shot of the basic trainee's in formation on parade grounds. Below that is the Presenting of Flags formation, and below that is the kids with Beth's Sign and then next to it is the single man to signify our MIA/POW'S holding the flag.... then next to that is Beth holding the symbol's with the blond ponytail walking past us as the kids held up her sign and screamed her name and she smiled right at us.  Then a good picture of the sign the kids made. Above those pictures are 2 more pictures of Beth Marching Past Us in The Band. I have to say as wonderful as the ceremony was and so excited to be included in The Niel Family's special day, When they talked about our men and women serving our country and what the flag with the blue star has signified since World War II as family's hang them in windows to show they have a loved one serving and we had to Vietnam Prisoner's of War attend the ceremony for yesterday was the extra special because on that date every year we remember our MIA/POW's Of War. I lost it. I  had to walk away and pull myself together. It hit me hard and I was in no way prepared for that emotion to hit me like that. I just started to cry. Then the Plane flew over as we honored not only our newest Airmen into the Air Force, but they honored our Men and Women serving all I could think about was Chris at that very moment. Its funny how emotion comes out when you least expect it. There with bells on and to cheer on Beth and just that part of the ceremony hit me like a ton of bricks. Jay came to me and was like are you alright, I said yes, just give me a second.... then I pulled it together and we met up with The Niel Family after and helped take photos for them and took some of our own which I will put in another collage, and enjoyed the rest of our morning. When we got in the truck, Ethan says mom are you OK? I said "yes, why?" because mom you started to cry! I said well we have a man missing from our family and it just made me miss daddy for a minute there. The kids were like, yep we do mom but like you say " He will be home soon". I have the best kids ever. Congrats to you Beth.We are so proud of you!
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