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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Life in a Gimp Lane by T.J Graham a RSD Suffer who wrote this most amazing poem for those who believe we should just get over it and do more or don't believe in what we suffer threw everyday!


Just because I chose to smile does not mean I am not in pain - it merely means I chose to smile though it.

Just because you cannot see what it wrong wit...h me does not mean its in my head

Just because I cannot find the words to explain what is wrong does not mean there is nothing wrong - it only means that its difficult to explain without some confusion

Just because you cannot understand my pain does not mean I am a drug or attention seeker - I would rather not be in pain - but its part of my life now and I will work with it

Just because I don't get out and about does not mean I am not worthy of at least an invitation to an event

Just because I am unable to do all the things you can does not mean I am invisible - I assure you I am not.

Just because I use a cane does not mean I need to be treated as less an another person

Just because I use a wheelchair does not mean you need to speak to me as though I have had a traumatic brain injury - I understand you just fine.

Just because I spend a lot of time researching new or unusual treatments does not mean I am crazy, nuts, out of my mind - it means I am desperate for a cure - or one potential treatment for remission.

Just because it takes me a bit longer or I get more winded doing what used to be simple things does not mean I won't try - I have limited choices - and I chose to rise above it the best I can and if I fail - I will try again with a different method to get it done.

Just because I get the blues or depressed does not mean it will rule my life - it just means that like you I am sometimes subject to a struggle or situation. You get down too - you are not better than me.

Just because I get angry does not means its you - maybe its me being angry with myself for having taken so much for granted in the past - and wanting to be able to still do all those things

Just because I am not capable of somethings does not mean that I am not capable of creativity and have ambitions of personal greatness - like you I still strive - I just have to go about it in a different way.

Just because I struggle physically does not mean I don't see your looks of judgment or hear your comments - believe me when I tell you I do

Just because you can't see it - does not mean I do not have greatness in me - trust me, I do.

Just because you feel the need to walk away, perhaps its because you cannot handle what I am going through - does not mean it won't hurt me, it will. But, I will move forward.

Just because I have RSD / CRPS does not mean my life is over - my life is just beginning a new chapter

Just because of all of this, and so much more, I will rise above it, I will achieve my own personal goals one at a time. And when I do achieve it, you will have walked away, or given a look or said something to someone that was negative about me. You may well feel bad about it .. but I will simply smile at you with warmth and friendship, and if you ask why .. I will simply say JUST BECAUSE

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