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Friday, August 20, 2010

Hannah and Eliljah Meet & Greet Teacher Day

Well, finally it is Hannah and Elijah's turn to meet their new teacher's. Hannah is starting 3rd grade and as Uncle Jay put it " Has a HOT teacher!" Her name is Ms. Razloznik. She came from El Paso and this is her first year at Lackland ISD. She was really nice and sweet and prepared! Love that. Hannah had a couple of friends in her class from last year's class which she was thrilled about. However, Hannah is the only one in the Elementary building this year. Hard to explain because the schools are next to each other but K-2nd grade are in separate buildings closer to the Jr High Side. However, she is just bubbling over and can't wait for the first day of school on Monday.
Elijah's class is the closet building to the Jr High Side all the way at the end of this long outdoor hallway. Perfect actually, right next to the pick up circle to get all 4 kids at ! His teacher's name is Mrs. Endorno. She seems super sweet too. Older and loves to travel. Of course Elijah got right in there and introduced himself and found his desk and started putting things away. All his friends almost didn't recognize him. They all kept Saying "Elijah you have glass's now?" He is like "Yep, Check them out!" No issue's at all.

So Monday is the big day. All 4 start school.
Sami starts her Freshman year of High School 9th grade
Ethan starts Middle School this year 7th grade
Hannah starts 3rd grade
and Elijah starts 2nd grade.

Also come to find out, Hannah in 3rd grade is now getting assigned a laptop and needs a zip drive also for homework. Elijah has to take computer lab's this year to get him ready for next year . Sami and Ethan will hardly have books because they are getting palm pilots and laptops assigned to them and also have to carry zip drives to transfer homework back and fourth to school and home and to turn in homework. Needless to say, our kids are being raised in a Technological age. These things that we want to withhold from our children till they are older are almost becoming a necessity to be in school. Parents get ready.... your child will need those phones, computers, zip drives and whatever else the schools come up with for them. First Day of School here we come!
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