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Monday, August 16, 2010

Hannah and Elijah at their First Flag Football Practice

Whewwww ! What a long day. Its going to be a long season to say the least. Every Mon- Wen till flag football season starts Hannah and Elijah have Flag Football practice at 6:30pm on one side of the base. Their coach is a big guy and Hannah felt a big out of place being the only girl on the team. She really is wondering if she wants to keep playing but we and some of the parents and coach are encouraging her to try to stick it out. She might like it. Elijah however LOVED IT! Of course the coach loved Elijah's size and put him on defense! Go figure:) Anyway, he gave them a choice of team names. Steelers, Patriots, and Cowboy's. They all voted Steelers which made Uncle Jay do a little dance in his spot! Then the coach said OK, I out rule and can't do it, we are now THE PATRIOTS! So that is now their team name! Red shorts and white jerseys etc..... Ethan has soccer practice's at the same time and day's at Hannah and Elijah. Thankfully we took him to his practice met the his coach and had to leave. Ethan's last basketball game is this Saturday! Between, Basketball games, Soccer practices for Ethan, Volleyball games and practices for Sami, and Flag Football for Hannah and Elijah I beginning to wonder what the heck I got myself into. However, they are loving it and I am glad they are. I got a feeling I am going to become a football fan watching my kids thou! More to come as their season starts and hopefully some pictures of Ethan next practice!
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