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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ethan's 7th Grade Orientation/ Soccer Practice

I got a shot of the start of the slide show for Ethan's orientation. He is really excited to say the least. We got his schedule and his locker and found all his class's etc.... I think he is now really excited to head back to school. He also got to say "Hi" to his new "girlfriend". Then it was a quick change and off to soccer practice for Ethan and I stayed with him while Uncle Jay took the other 2, Hannah and Elijah to football practice. Practice in a 105 degree heat has to be insane right?? Try sitting on the sidelines dripping in sweat with the heat beating down on you while you watch! However, it looks like Ethan has a great team this year. Very active, go get em' team. It should be a fun season. I am just loving watching Sami and Ethan's age groups play. The energy is so fun. Hannah got her first flag at practice today and she got a high five from the coach and the boy's all told the boy she got the flag from " You just got flagged by a girl!" So now Hannah seems more excited to play. Elijah learned what push ups were tonight also. Ok, lets just say it this way, Elijah is not a small boy, and push ups for him from what I understand because I wasn't there was pretty funny to watch. However, its great exercise for him and I am glad he is Loving Football too. He is out there and just enjoying himself so much. We also found out that Elijah needs glass's. He is 20/45 in EACH EYE! So tomorrow we get to go buy glass's for my baby. Its going to totally change his look, but if anyone knows Elijah's personality, you know he takes everything in stride. He said, now I am going to be the bomb with Cool Looking Glass's! Go figure:) Yeah, I don't think my kids have many confidence issue's at all at the moment! Good thing yes, and NO! Enjoy
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