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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Celebrating Ethan's 12th Birthday at Fuddrucker's!

Here is a collage of pictures I was able to take with our new Kodak Camera that I am still trying to figure out by the way! Anyway, These are some of my favorites we got taken and wanted to share it with everyone. Can't believe Ethan is 12 but he is. He is even TALLER than Sami now. She was not happy learning that tonight when we did a group shot a he was like 1-2 inch's taller than her. Ofcourse, Ethan took advantage of that situation to rub it in and loved every minute of it. Hamburgers, Chocolate Shakes and Games and Gifts. I would say we had one happy birthday boy. Happy Birthday Ethan! We will post your party next week!
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