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Thursday, June 3, 2010


Well as yo u can see, Chris looks good. It was early morning his time and he called before he showered for work and about 7:30pm our time. IT reminds me of the Oreo commerical were the kid and dad lick the Oreo and they laugh and the son say's " Good Morning Dad" and the dad say's "Good Night Son". That is exactly how it was for us tonight. Good Morning and Good Night. However, we bought a headset and so did Chris as you can see and we have a great sound system on our computer but him being across the world this made it so much easier to hear and clearer. We had some connection problems and pauses of interruption and had to do a couple of recall's but overall for our first time skyping him half way across the world, it was perfect. The kids and I are on cloud nine. It really, really made Hannah and Elijah feel so much better to see him in person (so to speak) on the computer. Once they learned there was still a delay and a bit of overlapping in talk they did like they do on the DSN phone calls wait till the other speaks and then talk. They were all just fighting to talk to him ofcourse so I had to calm them down and give them a time limit so he could have a chance to talk to each one of them individually. It was so good to see and hear him laugh and he kept rubbing his chest and the kids thought he was cold. When we hung up Elijah asked if He had enough blankets there. I started to laugh and tear up at the sametime..... and said, No he was rubbing his heart because thats how much he miss us. Elijah was so happy with that answer he just went bouncing off to bed and Hannah was like "mom I feel so much better now that I seen dad!" Thank heaven for the creation of Skype! We didn't have this option when he was deployed in Iraq and this deployment we do. Now we hope to start setting up days and times so we can all be here as much as possible when he has the free time to skype us. He bought a phone number also so he can use it to call his family. If they don't have skype its ok, it will call their landlines to their home and he will be able to talk to them like a normal phone call. Pretty neat! Once he gets it all figured out, and time I am sure he will do that for all the parents/grandparents. In the meantime if you do have Skype (which you can download for free on your computer) he is listed Under Christopher Pearson username pearsonfinalfour. Just add him to your contact list. Pretty soon we may have to figure out how to do 3 way skyping with other family members while Chris is on also. Its so cool but yeah, one thing at a time. We miss you Chris and Love you so much. It was so good to see you laugh and smile and your face in general. Food for the soul for sure. Enjoy!
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