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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hannah and Ethan get awarded for Citizenship and A/B Honor Roll for the Year!

Today was award day. Sami was also awarded because the state of Texas does these tests called TAC'S TESTS, for them to be able to move onto the next grade and Sami was Commended for Excellence because she made above average on Reading, Social Studies, Math, & one other I can't think of at the moment. Hannah got a Citizenship Award for always being of help and a overall good student and person all year long, and Ethan made A/B Honor Roll for the school year and got his award for it. Tomorrow I will post more pictures of them dressed up because its Ethan's Graduation from 6th grade before he moves onto Middle School. ITs bittersweet going to all these without Chris. The kids miss him so much being there to see them but they know he is very proud of them just as I am too. Elijah say's next year he can start getting his awards now too. I am sure he will. I have some pretty smart kids and I get the privilege of being their Mom!
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