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Friday, June 4, 2010

Ethan Graduates From 6th Grade and is on his way to Middle School!

What a emotional morning!!! ETHAN GRADUATES FROM 6th GRADE!!! They all came in and circled the auditorium for parents to take pictures of them and then there were speech's etc... then they passed out each child's certificate of graduation with a flower to give to their parents. Then afterwards they showed a slideshow. It had a baby picture and a word like Outgoing/Athletic/Loving/etc.... for each 6th graders baby picture then a picture of them as a toddler with another word and then they flashed a picture of the kid with the name of the kid at the bottom. It was done to music and had most of the parents including me in were in tears. The kids were so funny thou, they basically could recognize their friends pictures and would yell out the name before they showed who it was. Even the Teachers added their baby pictures in the slideshow which the kids loved and cheered on. All I can say is you can tell that all us parents sure loved SEARS PORTRAITS! I think we as a whole as parents had almost all the same backgrounds from our kids pictures as baby's and many of the others. Us parents got the biggest kick out of what 11-12 years has brought us. Then the Principal made a speech that she looked up what the cost of a Community College cost as of this year this morning before the graduation and us as parents needed to preserver and encourage our kids that after graduating from high school in 6 more years ( yeah blew me away) that it costs $117,000 today, imagine the cost in 6 years!!! However, she added that a high school graduate verses a college graduate will make at minimum $1,000,000 more than a high school graduate, so keep the faith and remember how important staying the course and getting good grades and SCHOLARSHIPS are!!! Then they made each of the kids stand up and turn around and look at their parents and applaud us for this was a day that we will always remember, as we can as parents remember them the day they were born, took their first steps, started kindergarten and now graduating 6th grade and going into Middle School. Boy she really gave us parents a tear jerker and a reality check. When she was speaking of cost of college and scholarships I just kept looking over at Sami and her friends. They started laughing and said " yes mom we hear you!" I didn't have to say a thing, my look must have said it all! Anyway, Congrats Ethan, we are so very proud of you and Dad and I and your family Love you so much. Onto bigger and better days!
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