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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ethan goes away to 6th Grade Camp!

Here are some pictures Ethan took while he was away at camp over Memorial Weekend. He went to Ft. Davis and stayed at the Prude Ranch in cabins. They got to go to the McDonald Observitory also and he had a great time. We are so proud of him. IT was the first time any of my kids have gone away without Chris or I and I am not sure who it was harder on Me or Ethan. He called the first night upset but he hung tough and we didn't hear from him again till he hit the San Antonio City Limits to tell us he was going to be home early. He bought us all gifts which was so sweet of him. Anyway, I love the class picture that they took and took all the kids cameras so everyone got a shot of it. The rest were taken by Ethan! All the kids are pretty excited for tomorrow June 4th. ITs the last day of school and Ethan has graduation at 9am and all the kids and Uncle Jay and I are going. We had to go buy him a dress outfit to wear because we found out today when he got another award that they had to be dressed nice for it. It will be a busy morning in my house because the girls want to wear dress's and me to curl hair and get the boys all done up plus myself. FUN!!!
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