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Monday, May 3, 2010

Pictures of Chris leaving on May 3rd for his deployment with kids!

Here's the story..... Chris was always set to deploy in May. At first it was May 1st, then as with all things military it got bumped to May 4th. Then we were told he was beinb bumped last week to May 5th possibly the 6th due to planes and schedules in and out of country. Well today May 3rd, Chris went and signed out of the base and arrived home around noon and told me that he was actually leaving on May 4th in the morning, they found him a flight. So ok, I thought we will go out to dinner tonight and make tonight a special night for the family. Then Jay and Chris took off so Chris could go get Jay his temp id card paperwork and medical stuff and paperwork for his truck to register it on base etc.... while in line at MPF building, they got ahold of Chris and said in literal terms, "where are you?" Chris told them and they said " Yeah, you are due to leave in a hour and a half, go home and pack your things now!" Chris fought this. However, lost yet again as it seems we do with all fights with the military. Then I get the phone call that I need to get dressed and why. Now I am in tears, and he told me he was on his way to go get the kids from school so he could say goodbye to them. They arrived home with me standing at top of steps and all the kids ran in the house crying and up the stairs into my arms following behind them Chris in tears also. So we had our moment for all of 2 seconds and then had to kick into gear and get Chris packed and get him to the airport to deploy on time. I look like crap because I had no idea this was happening and in our time frame I had no time for hair and makeup and was not really in sound mind yet. It was all happening so fast. The kids did get some disposable cameras in there backpacks from the Family Readiness and took pictures of him saluting them on them so when they use them all up I will go and develop them and see what they got and scan the good ones! These are the pictures I got on my digital and Jay got some on his Iphone. We love you all and thank you all for your love and prayers and kind words. Just remember to keep us in prayers along with all the men and women who are serving our country. Love The Pearson Family
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