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Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Many attempts to set up our pool and digging up of ground and leveling to get Pool to its Finished Product!

So this collage shows us the first night while Daddy and Grandma Kathy and Uncle Jay ( Last Friday Night) first attempt of trying to fill it and hold it up. Well that didn't work, then came the digging up of the land, and then the leveling of the dirt to a flat surface, then a white padding with a blue tarp over it then we put the pool back on it and started filling again and again till we got it as level as possible. In the top right picture is the final product of this supposedly easy set up as 1-2-3 pool! Now we are working on this filter to get it working right, which we figured it out just need to find time to do it, and we bought a cover for the pool but its covers most of the pool but not all so for now it works enough to cover it at night to keep the bugs and leaves and anything else that can float on top of water to keep the pool nice and clean. Now to fix the bikes for summer, and clean out garage and deliver stuff to the goodwill drop off place and put all our buisness tools away in the garage off the back patio and make the back patio our summer sit spot! IT will all happen in time I am sure. Just part of our check list we are going down!
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