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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hannah's Patriotic Choir Performance!

Here are some pictures of Hannah performing with her choir tonight. It was done in honor of our men and women in uniform and very patriotic. Before the show started the Choir Teacher made a address to the audience and said that this was in honor of all men and women who serve our country and expecially to one of her choir students who's dad (and she turned and pointed at Hannah) was deployed just yesterday so we do this in honor of him. OH MY GOSH!!!! I started crying right then. Afterwards, I went and met her for the first time and shook her hand and she thanked me and Chris and said I hope we did him proud tonight! Can you get anymore teary than that~ We have a lot of video we are trying to upload for daddy and family to see but we have to edit the time of it allowed. So bear with us till we do then we will post her songs that she song so Daddy can hear her sing and hear his favorite song too. Hannah was also so very happy to receive a bouquet of flowers with a note telling her congrats and we love her... from her family and in big letters LOVE DADDY! OMG she started crying right then and there.... and so did I. Then I had all 4 of my kids hugging me and crying but good tears. Hannah even started to cry during The" You are my Hero song" goodness, can anything be more touching than that. Enjoy the collage and till we can figure out how to upload these videos. Enjoy!
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