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Friday, May 21, 2010

Dressing up as " Daddy Our Hero" for Vocabulary Word Day

So Ethan, Hannah and Elijah have a class that is a Texas requirement. Its called SFA. Its a reading program they have to do everyday and get it signed. Well today was the end of SFA for the year and the school is celebrating by calling it "Dress up as a Vocabulary Word Day". Well the words sent home were extraordinary, Worthy of Notice, High Regard, etc..... In the ideas for the kids to dress up in they had doctors, lawyers, policeman, armed service members etc.... I thought COOL! I can take care of that! Chris has old uniforms hanging in his closet and the kids can wear his shirts and hats to represent their Daddy Our Hero! So the boys were his BDU'S and Hannah wore his Blue's. (Chris I made them promise to be careful with them!) They are all wearing shirts underneath so they can take the shirts off if needed. Anyway,then it was hat time. I found Chris's BDU hat for Elijah, Chris's Squadron Hat for Ethan and Hannah wore his Blues hat with her hair up. Then they made me put on his one bottle of cologne so they could smell like him also. Oh my gosh, I sprayed each of them and it was like Daddy was here with us. We all teared up because well smelling the cologne that we love and being in his uniforms made us miss him even more. However, we pulled it together and they were all so very excited and happy to show off their dad's uniform today at school.
Then Sami has a award ceremony today. So she dressed in one of my favorite outfits of hers and I did her hair nice and straight for her and she is pretty excited because last year she got Honor Roll awards and won prize's. Last year she won a buggy board and Burger King and Anthony's Pizza coupons for all her volunteer work and grades and being a overall good student. So when I asked her how she knew she was getting a award, she response was " Please mom, my friends all told me they put my name in plus its ME!" Yeah, no self confidence issue's at all! Thought I would share these pictures for you all to enjoy. The Final Four only have 8 days left of school! Then Sami will start High School and be in the 9th grade, Ethan will start Middle School and be in the 7th grade, Hannah & Elijah will be in Elementary School for sometime still thank goodness but Hannah will start 3rd, and Elijah 2nd grade. Yeah Summer is Almost Here!
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