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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Our Daddy's Going Away Gift to The Final Four, Our New Pool!

Well, ofcourse a couple of weeks ago, I thought ok, we should get the kids a pool for our backyard with me not being able to go places like I used to, that at least for Hannah and Elijah I could sit and watch them play in the pool because I know Sami and Ethan will want to go to the base pool to be with friends a lot this summer but it also for them to invite friends over to play too. Well, on the box it said as Easy to set up as 1-2-3! Yeah, RIGHT! WE placed it were the trampoline was on the most level part of the backyard we have being its on a hill. Well, that didn't work. So Chris spent the weekend digging up the ground with Uncle Jay and leveling it out and buying a mat and tarp to add cushion underneath. Then Daddy was deployed early... so Uncle Jay had to finish the job with me helping with what I could. Finally after filling and draining the pool 3 times because it was leaning in one direction or the other we got it filled. Its still leaning a bit but its working. So today the kids finally got to come home from school and play in it. Poor Sami who broke her thumb and possibly her wrist we had to bag her arm so she could at least walk around in the pool. They had so much fun as you can see. Thank you Daddy! We love our new Pool!
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