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Friday, March 26, 2010

Sami's 14th Birthday Party!

Well she will offically be 14 on March 30th, but we celebrated it tonight before my surgery so I knew my little girl (not so little anymore I realize:) could celebrate her special day. She picked out her own cake and gave us a list of things she would like. Above collage is of her with her cake and friends and eating pizza and us singing happy birthday to her.
This collage would be Gift Time. Each of us had assigned colored little bags to put our gifts in. Ethan, Hannah and Elijah were fighting over who got to give her their gift first. Ethan got her the Justin Bieber New CD, and the Dear John book she wanted, Elijah got her New Moon Twilight necklace with Jacob Black things on it and a bunch of buttons to wear on her shirts and jackets from Twilight, then Hannah had her own money and didn't want us to buy a gift for her she wanted to do it, so Chris took Hannah too the BX and she bought her new perfume with the original pump on the end of it. Sami actually loved it and so did her friends. It does smell good, and Hannah did a great job picking out her big sisters gift. Sami also got 4 New Moon T-Shirts. One of them ofcourse had Jacob Black on the front, then another one for the New Moon Werewolf Logo, Then she got The Cullen Family Crest Tshirt and a Forks High School Tshirt. She was in heaven. Then we got her a tin can that had 4 journals in it one for each book that she loved and her cross necklace that she has been asking for, for awhile. Then she spent some of her bday money on herself, she got a DVD player for her room. Plus she got a new cellphone that hasn't come in yet so I would say she is one happy 14 year old girl.
These would be cake time and food fight time. Sami cut her cake and passed otu pieces and then Emily and Hannah and Natalie decided to paint Sami's face with Chocolate icing! Then the food fight began and I kicked them all outside till they were done and ready to get cleaned up! Sami said she was having the best birthday and that was what I was aiming for , small but just right for her. Now she is in her room were she got to go to the commisary with dad and pick out junkfood and drinks and her and her girlfriends are in her room in pj's watching movies and eating their junkfoods and doing makeovers on each other! WE LOVE YOU SAMI!!!!! HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
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