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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fun at SeaWorld

 (Just a reminder you can click on the pictures to enlarge them to view them better and closer!) After a rainy start to the day everyone decided to head out to SeaWorld, it was still cool outside but they had a great time.... These are all pictures Grandma took because I didn't go with them here either. Anyway there are some good shots of them in the entrance of SeaWorld.
Feeding the Dolphins... I hear they just really enjoyed this and so did Grandparents and Uncle Mike and Niki beings they have never been to SeaWorld before. They had so much fun seeing all the sealife and feeding the dolphins, and the fish aquarium, and bluga shows and the Shamu Shows and riding the rides many times over. Uncle Mike Finally rode the Journey to Atlantis and I will scan some of the photos they bought and post them soon.
Some smiling dolphin pictures and pictures at the Shamu show who I guess just let their new baby whale out to show it off and everyone was very excited to see the new baby whale.
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