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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Everyone using Skype to talk to Grandma Tina and Poppa Donahue!

This is our new toy! We just bought this new laptop and signed up and can now Skype! Its free when you just do the picture to picture and talk like this in the pictures I am showing. Its so cool. There is a little delay but over all its really cool. You can see family that lives states away and talk to them and see them and its so much fun! The kids each talked to them and then Chris and Kathy who got to see ofcourse her dad and Tina for the first time since she moved from Washington to Arizona. She is now swearing she is getting a new computer so she can do this with us and her family! So if you have a camera on your computer, sign up for free with Skype and add us to your contact list and lets SKYPE!!!!
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