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Thursday, March 11, 2010

ALL of The Final Four's Soccer Games!

I am sorry there are not more of Sami and Ethan. There game didn't start till 7:30pm, we had been out on the fields since 5:30pm and it got really dark and the older kids were moving so fast they were blurry.
Elijah's Team Name is The Explorer's Head Coach..... Chris!!!
Hannah's Team Name is The Dark Knights, Head Coach...... Chris!!!
Sami and Ethan are finally on the same team due to age and their team name is The Highlighters because of the color of their shirt colors! Head Coach.... Chris!!!!!

No wonder he is so busy and tired. However, even thou he said he wouldn't coach again this season with everything going on and starting his new job and deploying they needed coach's and called Chris and he said yes. I was not happy about it till he looked at me and said "well look at it like this, I might be tired, but this is my time with the kids before I deploy".
Can't argue with that can you! So I made the decision not to be team mom again because of the back sugery's going on but support it and go to the games I can go to and support my Head Coach Husband and The Final Four!
The kids did great for their games..... Ofcourse the older kids are more competitive and the younger ones are just fun to watch.
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