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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sami, Emily, and Alex showing thier school spirit by coloring thier hair, nails, and face in school colors!

Well, Stacey Jr/Sr High's Basketball Team made it to the finals. So ofcourse in the name of school spirit I had about 6 teenage girls the night before the pep rally painting thier nails at my kitchen table blue and red and me putting basketball ribbon in thier hair for ponytail holders for the next day at school. Then the day of the pep rally and before the basketball game, Sami and Emily and Alex come home from school to finish the job of getting ready and showing thier school spirit by coloring thier hair in red and blue colors and Alex in painting his face half and half while the girls just painted numbers of thier favorite basketball players on thier cheeks. I have to say, I so remember these days in high school when me and friends got together at the school gym and rallied our teams on. Sami and friends had a great time I must say. Even Emily's dad bought them the horns that blow from the can so they could be as load as they wanted. Not to mention the other team side of the gym started chanting loader than Sami's side so whats my girl do, jump down and start running in front of the bleachers getting them on their feet to start chanting loader than the other side when her friends join her down in front. There is video of this but it will make you sick to watch its so all over the place but it was so cute to watch. If there is one thing I can say about my kids is they have no self confidence issue's at all!

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