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Monday, February 15, 2010

More Information for Family & Friends who are wanting to understand RSD and the Surgury.

I have posted a ton of these sites on my facebook page as well, but I new some people in our family/friends do not read facebook but look at our blog. I have been researching the spinal cord stimulator and other break threw medicines etc.... that can help people like me who have RSD. If you actually sit down and read it, is amazing what you can learn about me and it might just change how you think of me compared to the "old cori" and the attitude I have about living in the present and taking things day by day and being blunt. To just deal with the pain and pull up my big girl panties/ or to quit letting it lead my life and to just get out of bed and to ignore the problem even exist by not talking about it. (yes these things have been said to me)
This will change hopefully. People most important to me in my life after reading these research sites and articles views toward my diease done by doctors in this field and medical journals will finally have a better outlook if they so choose to read and learn.(will not be offended if you choose not to read and learn) If you could careless about reading about my illness or hearing about it remember 2 things, don't look and or read it then!!!! I learned this past year before my leg turned purple and my back started to disfigure the sameway as my leg that many family members or what little bit of friends we do have are trying to understand and I am trying to give that chance. Dealing in reality is much better:) Below are links I have added that I just found. I found tons of RSD patients who have blog's and great information that I plan on printing out and handing copies to all my doctors. Staying in charge is key to me and being able to get the things I need done quicker knowing and having knowledge and sharing it with friends,family and team of Doctors.Nothing like 4 kids and husband to give you motovation and to know it wasn't all in my head and I actually do have a dystropy, a Chronic Pain that I am never without!!!! So Read if you wish, Don't if you don't care. However, I love you all. Remember that. I am just trying to give out information as I get it and finally to be able to relate to people like me instead of healthy people is huge. I am excited to see I am not alone! I also found a book called RSD & ME, and Living with RSDS!

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Tough Cookie said...

Hi, Cori! Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. Your family is beautiful!

I am so sorry you are struggling. You may want to look into vegan because many people have common food intolerances that can literally cause or exacerbate RSD and similar illnesses, such as gluten (BIG one), soy, dairy (BIG one for neurological disease), and all animal products/processed foods. These foods do create inflammation, mucus, and neurological disturbances. It is important to eat only what comes from the earth (plant-based) and only use products that are natural. If you shouldn't eat it, don't put it on your skin. With these illnesses, every little bit counts. You should look into adrenal fatigue and hormone imbalanace because these bodily substances aid in inflammation. Also, getting tested for candida, thyroid dusfunction, and other imbalances are key by a D.O., not an M.D.

After all of this time, I finally feel a shift in my pain, but traditional medicine had failed me. It really fails all Americans in so many ways (it has its place, but it lacks so much).

Good luck!