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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Elijah & Daddy Making Elijah's 100 Day's of School Poster with Marshmellows!

Yes, these are cute picture. I have more but they are really silly so I choose a quick couple to show off. Last week they celebrated 100 days of school and as most parents know who have older children, dread this day because you have yet another project to redue and come up with something unique for that child. Well Elijah first wanted 100 Crayons! Chris opted out on that one. So Elijah decided Marshmellows were the way to go because he could eat what was left! Chris bought 2 bags!!!! So we gave Elijah paint and he painted his name and we counted out 100 pieces for him to glue to his board. They acted silly all night, filling thier eye's and ears, and noses full on top of gluing them onto the poster. Even the other kids soon joined in and a marshmellow throwing fight began! Yes, I just went down stairs and did the "MOM" thing and said " now all of you pick it all up and went back up stairs laughing the whole way!" Its so hard to keep a straight face when something is cute and funny but you have to be the parent! As they heard me laughing they too busted out laughing.... lot of good that did but Elijah is very proud of his poster that he and his daddy made together!

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