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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cowboy Round Up Breakfast at Lackland!

Every year the school has a Cowboy Round breakfast. Its at like 6am!!! But Chris being the good dad he is every year since the kids have gone to the school has taken the kids to this. This year was freezing outside and they didn't stay long but Hannah and Elijah wore thier cowboy hats and boots and fit in with that Texas crowd that came out to support our school. Ethan and Sami were there also. Sami being president of her PST group helped serve along with some of her friends and Ethan went just ofcourse because well, as he would put it, was forced to go! He is diffently at that age were these things embarrass him and he'd rather not being noticed participating. However, afterwards everyone was still hungry and so Chris took them all to Burger King for a real big breakfast to fill them all up! The kids came home from school and told me all about it and all I could do was kiss Chris and tell him what a good dad he was and how he spoils those kids of ours! They even made the school paper! When Chris figures out how to get where I can post it I will share it. Chris and Ethan,and Hannah and Elijah are in one picture around the table and one picture is of Sami and friends serving the food. Enjoy!

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