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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spinal Cord Stimulatin for My RSD/Nerve Dystrophy Surgery I will be having soon.

Spinal Cord Stimulation St. Jude Medical

By clicking on this link above it will take you to a article and pictures of the the proceedure I am currently trying to get approved.

To family who want more information on this you can goggle or go to the following:

Nerve Dystropy
Spinal Cord Stimulators
People who live with daliy Chronic Pain Relief
What does RSD/Nerve dystrophy do to a body

These will all be helpful things to research on your own as Chris and I have done. I have added the link to help start you all out and a picture of a diagram of what is going to be put on my spine and inside my body hopefully within the next 2 months. Please continue to pray for our family because we need it. Chris has filed all the paperwork to put me under special care and Doctors have written letters to his command saying he shouldn't leave right now on his deployment in May to Afgan, while I am going threw this but in good ole' military fashion, they let him know that his family is last priority and if his personal life interferes with his job then he should find a new one. EXACT WORDS! So the writting is on the wall for us and we are doing what we can go get the surgery approved by our insurance which can cost upwards of $20,000! However, if it brings me pain relief and I can be more active and help take care of my children and home while Chris is deployed than so be it. Love US!

While nobody's exactly sure how it works, it's been shown to stay active for 9 years that low levels of electrical energy, delivered straight to the nerve fibers in the spinal cord, can disrupt the signals that certain chronic pain conditions send to the brain, and replace them with a much more pleasant tingling sensation. Now, St Jude Medical has received FDA and CE mark approvals for the world's smallest and longest-lasting rechargeable neurostimulator. The Eon Mini is the size of a silver dollar, about 1cm thick (1/2 inch), and weighs only 29g (1oz). It sits under the skin of the buttock or abdomen, and its rechargeable battery should last nearly 10 years. It can be programmed by remote control to treat as many as eight different chronic pain areas and, in doing so, it can get many patients with chronic pain off morphine and back into a semblance of normal life.
This link is to the Chronic Pain Hospital that I go to here In San Antonio so you can also read and see it for yourselves. I hope these pictures, Links, and explanation help you all. Love Cori

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