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Monday, December 14, 2009

Sami gets selected for a Student to Student Amassador Program Overseas!

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To Read more about it go to this link:
Learn all about what she may get the once in a lifetime oppourtunity to do.

Below is a sample Itinerary of what she would get to do on this trip. Chris and I go to the meeting on Jan 10th, to find out everything about it. We have heard that if selected they pay for the trip out of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Fund. There are Chaperones but I am still very uneasy about that. I think I might have to talk a grandparent into going with her as her chaperone!!!! I would love to go, but Chris has a 90% chance of being in Afganistan at that time so I will need to be home with the other 3 kids. Its a great offer and we haven't commited to anything as of yet. But have reserved our spot to meet with the heads of the program. We are very proud of her. When we logged into the site, and put in the pin number they had all her info ready for us. I was like ok then!!! She is very excited and knows only 3 other students in her school who got this offer. 2 of the girls I know them also and one is already going, Sami's Friend Kathy. So we will have to see what the future holds but thought we would share, Sami's Good News!

Sample Itinerary: European Heritage

People to People Moments
Enjoy an official briefing in London with a current or former member of Parliament.
Receive an Ambassadorial welcome from a Swiss official.
Make friends with Europeans during a stay with a German family.
Enhance Your Education
Ambassadors on this program will earn special insights into:
World War I history
World War II history
Medieval history
International politics and government
Intercultural studies
Top Program Activities
Help European citizens protect the famous Black Forest in Germany.
Experience England’s royal history, from Hampton Court to Buckingham Palace.
Step into rural Swiss life in the village of Scuol.
Understand life during the world wars at Normandy, Flanders Field, and the Anne Frank House.
Cruise past the mysterious castles on Germany’s Rhine River.
Shoot the rapids as you raft an alpine river.
Go behind the scenes as traditional European artisans show you their crafts.
Explore the masterpieces of the world-famous Louvre Museum.
London, England
Outside Buckingham Palace, watch for the flag to see if the queen is in. Then experience the ceremonial changing of the guard at the gates.
Hear an insider’s perspective on British government from a member of Parliament.
Get to know the Beefeaters, official guards of the Tower of London, and hear about the tower’s functions over the last 10 centuries.
Immerse yourself in English history at Henry VIII’s Hampton Court Palace.
Enjoy a play or musical in the West End, considered the capital of the theater world.
Soar over the city in the London Eye, the world’s largest Ferris wheel.
Board an overnight ferry for France.
Caen, France
Envision World War II’s historic D-Day landing as you walk the beaches at Normandy.
You can also honor the war’s heroes at the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial.
Paris, France
Take in a thrilling view of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower.
See the landmarks of the Louvre Museum: the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, and Winged Victory.
Stroll the Champs-Elysées and admire the elegant Arc de Triomphe.
Explore the inspiring Notre Dame Cathedral.
Experience the bohemian feel of the artistic Montmartre district—a great place to purchase a painting.
Sample famous French delicacies, then return to your roots during a meal at the Hard Rock Café.
Understand luxury at the gilded Palace of Versailles.
Bruges, Belgium
Take in the city’s charm from a horse-drawn carriage.
Get a true taste of Belgium as you watch chocolatiers create their world-famous treats.
Put yourself in the shoes of a World War I soldier at the Flanders Field Memorial.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
See The Hague, where matters of international justice are decided.
Experience the Netherlands the way the Dutch do—by bicycle!
Cruise through the canals of this once-underwater city.
Marvel at a young girl’s determination as you explore Anne Frank’s hiding place.
Watch craftsmen create traditional Dutch clogs and cheese.
Cologne, Germany
Cruise the Rhine River, whose banks boast dozens of beautiful castles.
Heidelberg, Germany
Heidelberg represents the best of ancient and modern Germany, melding stunning castle ruins with world-renowned universities.
Freiburg, Germany
Explore the Black Forest, Europe’s most famous woods and inspiration for countless fairy tales.
Experience the life of a German farmer, and test your skills in “Olympic” events like farm bowling and grass skiing.
Learn about the world-famous cuckoo clocks produced in this region.
Help maintain the Black Forest’s natural beauty when you pitch in with tree planting or clearing a riverbank.
Scuol, Switzerland
Experience this charming village on the outskirts of Switzerland’s only national park.
Take a lesson in Raeto Romantic, the language spoken here (and Switzerland’s fourth national language!).
Hear the story of Schellenursli, a folk character beloved by Swiss children.
Enjoy a taste of Switzerland with a traditional dinner and folk music performance.
Ride the rapids of the Inn River.
Hike in the breathtaking Swiss Alps.
Highlights featured represent past programs. Your program may differ slightly in some areas due to scheduling conflicts, unforeseen changes, and the arrival of new opportunities. Specific itinerary details are provided as confirmed, closer to actual travel.

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