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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sami and Girlfriends all dressed up for the Formal Teen Christmas Dance


So in Sami fashion, Thursday night she lets me know that on Friday night there is a Formal Teen Christmas Dance that she wants to go to. I ofcourse said, um its the night before and you don't have a formal thing to wear. She said yes, I do, my black and yellow dress from last year. I said its cold out, you don't have a cardigan or warp, and accecories, so no. Well what does Nana do.... Takes Sami and Emily to the BX and finds Sami a dress and Cardigan and new shoes for the dance. So they come home and I do Sami's hair and make up and all the girls have come over and getting all dressed up and doing hair etc..... 4 teenage girls getting all pretty for a dance is funny to sit downstairs and listen too by the way! Oh, do I remember those days. Then her friend Alex, tells us Sami is just going because her boyfriend or so called boyfriend is moving and it was thier last dance together. Now it all clicks why Sami wanted to buy a dress and go! I think she might be growing out of her "tomboy" fase ever so slowly and becoming a girl. She looked so beatiuful last night that my parents, (Nana& Papaw) were all teary eyed when they seen her come down the stairs all dressed up like that. My dad kissed her and told her he had the most beatiuful grandaughter! Awww.... it was one of those moments I will never forget. So ofcourse thou, in my mom style I gathered the girls in front of the Christmas tree to get pictures of them. From Left to Right.... Hailey, Kathy, Sami and Emily. The top girls In the pictures I am not sure who they are, but friends of Sami's from the dance. She came home after 11:30pm and crashed with her feet killing her from being in heels. Mom and I just laughed at her. My little girl is growing up on me and my parents are just enjoying watching me go threw it! Enjoy!
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