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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pearson/Scanlon Family Jersey Pictures!


As you can tell we all wore NFL/MLB Official Jersey's for our Family pictures. Nana and girls are in Chicago Cubs Jerseys. Papaw and Elijah are in Red Sox Jersey's. Chris and Ethan are in Seahawks Jersey's. Jay and I (Cori) are in Steelers Jerseys. We walk into this place I have never been to before and they are packed and everyone and thier brother is staring at us and 3 families told us we gave them a new idea for thier pictures for next year! I told them I got the idea from my cousin who did it. Then everywhere we went to for the day everyone stopped us to cheer on whatever team they liked of who was wearing what. I was crazy how many times we all got stopped. Anyway we did 2 backrounds. White/and Stadium. Now she took 85 photos of us. I put together a college of the white backrounds of my favorite ones and the ones we got. Then the same for the stadium backrounds. We were very impressed with our photographer who was really cool that my dad tipped her! We went to Portriat Innovations and honestly, cost less than Sears or Penny's combined and I got more and got 3 collages and a CD all for $171 total. Tons of pictures. Crazy how many. I did have to crop and edit all my pictures on the CD because she didn't do that for us, she just put on there all the pictures uneditted which kinda stunk but I at least I got the sides and lighting out of the pictures to post. They even gave us free sheets because the 7 photographers loved our shots so much. I will scan the collage's they did for us and post those in a bit. Anyway, these are our New Pearson/Scanlon Family Pictures and we are very happy with them. We hope you enjoy them as well. Just click on each collage to enlarge to see them better.

Merry Christmas Everyone,
Love The Pearson Family & Scanlon Family
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