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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hannah is "Knighted" for a Service Award at School


Well, lets see. Nana & Papaw were suppose to arrive Friday morning at 11am 12/18. On Wenesday we got notified that Hannah didn't know but she was selected to be Knighted at school for a Self Discipline and Service Award and the ceremony was at 1am on Friday Morning 12/18. So I call Nana and Papaw and tell them either they come in earlier in the morning or just wait for us and we will be late getting to the airport but we have to go to Hannah's ceremony. So they call thier airlines and change thier tickets and fly in the night before and surprise the kids when they wake up Friday morning! Then we show up at the ceremony and she is baffled why we are all there. Then she was very surprised after they read this paragraph about this student who comes to school with a postive attitude everyday. Always goes above and beyond to help others, voulnteers her time to help handicapp children and always turns her homework in on time and is a straight A student. Then they annouced her name. Hannah acted well like Hannah. She did the whole Miss America thing. Covered her mouth in surprise, turned red went up on stage and did the Miss America wave to everybody! Oh we were all laughing very hard at this. She was so cute. My dad leans over and says well you got one who gets awards and doesn't care, and one who loves being in the spot light! Yes, Yes I do. Hannah is my girly, girl that way. We are very proud of her and know that only a very few kids get this honor every year. Way to go Hannah! Keep up the good work. Love you:)
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