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Monday, December 28, 2009

A Collage Nana & Papaw had made for thier Home Office!

This turned out really cute. I didn't get one but my parents had it made for thier home office back in Chicago. I just scanned it so I would have  a copy of it because yet again this did not make our unedited CD we got. I like the pictures we choose which in these collages it pretty much gives it away what we choose of what pictures, but it was our first visit to Portriat Innovations and overall, they were really nice and good to us. The photographer kept us all laughing which my dad really enjoyed. However, they do things different there and I have always gone for studio pictures to Sears, or Penny's but wanted space for our large family to fit. I am glad we went and got the photos done because it has been since 2006 since we had family pictures done together of the Pearson/Scanlon Family together. Enjoy

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