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Friday, December 11, 2009

WOW... What a difference a Year makes! This was Chris and I at our Biggest One year ago and us just last month on the soccer fields!

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Yes, I tried to tell you all, I got fat!!!! Chris and I both did. These two pictures really can show the difference in what a year can do. I have actually lost a little bit of weight since the picture of me in the black, but don't have smaller pants yet. Maybe some more weight will come off before I try to buy smaller anyway. No camel toe here!!! Hehehehe..... So I can say I have lost 75 pounds. I don't know what Chris's numbers are but he has lost much also. Now we need a new photo and will get some when my parents are here for Christmas at the amuzement parks in front of Christmas Trees. Hopefully this years will look oh so much better than last years pictures!!!!!

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