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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas at SeaWorld 2008 with Nana & Papaw


I was just sitting there thinking that I need to print out and find all my santa photos from the past couple of years. Even thou I don't have many of the "Mall Santa" pictures and the older kids have grown out of that stage I needed to see what I could find. Then I seen my ticker on my blog with the countdown till my parents and my brother get here this year and remembered the pictures we took at SeaWorld Last year. We went to SeaWorld the day after Christmas and the park was really empty and it was nice to move around so freely. I do have a Santa shot of Hannah and Elijah last year with a Hawaiian Santa who is on Vacation!! Plus Shamu Santa! This year we are going to Six Flags to see that park all decked out for Christmas but before Christmas because Uncle Jay leaves the day after. So hopefully I can convince all the kids and Uncle Jay to jump in a picture with Santa together! Plus since its been since Dec 2006 since the whole "Scanlon/Pearson" Family picture has been taken of all of us together I guess we are getting one done. This is where I wish my cousin Jody lived closer because I would rather pay her to take the photo than Sears or Penny's because they have issues with large group shots and they are blaw or the samething everytime. OH well I guess. I am sure it will be a casual picture to boot. Last time we were all in dress and tie's and in browns and creams. Its 2009 so I guess its time for a new one. Anyway, can't wait till you guys get here. We are 'trying' to get the house in order and "your" clean for your arrival. Enjoy the photos. It was great to look back at them again.
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Jody said...

I wish i lived there also lol