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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sami's Soccer Picture and Team Picture for Fall Soccer Season League 13-15 yr olds. 2009

She hates this picture of herself.... Mind you these pictures were taken one day apart. Can you tell which picture mom did her hair in and the picture were she just went with the striaght look! Oh well, She still looks beatiuful in my book. She won her soccer game last night 2-1 aganist the 1st place team and was excited about it. She even played aganist her "Friend" Aaron. After the game he even walked her home. But don't call him her boyfriend because she will get mad and say he is not. They just play the roll of it very well!!! Boy if she reads this she is going to be boiling mad. I love giving her grief sometimes. Pay backs for all those times we hardly ever see her and gone from the house 95% of the time. Awww the joy's we reep as Mothers!! hehehehe:)

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