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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sami's 8th Grade Picture 2009

I am so glad she took a good picture for me!!! I love this picture of her. She smiled decent and her hair looked nice. Good Job Sami!!! Good job too for letting me know this year when picture day was. I don't have one of her from last year because she decided she didn't want to take pictures. After I put the fear of a mother's rath into her, she was very happy and obliging in giving me the dates and picture paperwork to fill out this year for her and she even let me do her hair. I just love her to pieces. She is such a good girl. Thought I would share her 8th grade school picture. Ethan, Hannah and Elijah's won't be in I would think for at least 1-2 weeks because they just took theirs last week. So when they come in I will post them and I have already started cards and envelopes with names on it with a wallet to all the grandparents and godmother!!! I will try to scan their soccer pictures as well and print them out for you all to have one of those too. I am scanning their soccer pictures on Kodak paper and putting a magnet on the back to hang on my fridge of the kids this year. Yes, I am cheep. I paid $98 for all 4 kids soccer picture this year and I only got them the memory mates. That was it!! Then we spent $101 in school pictures for all 4 of them and only got the basic package with 1 5x7 and 3 wallets and 3 trade wallets. It came all together in one sheet! For all that money I swear its killing me! Anyway, Enjoy Sami's picture. She is so cute! I can see her now rolling her eyes at me for saying that! Have a great day!

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