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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sami, Ethan, Dad(Chris), Emily and Introducing Aaron!


Yes, Yes it has begun. Here is the quick review of Sami and Aaron. They have known each other since 6th grade. Sami liked him then but says they are just good friends now. However, the boy is here all the time. Wherever Sami is, he is and visa versa. She of course denies to the full extent that they are boyfriend/girlfriend but just "Friends". Emily however say's different. In the case that they both like each other a lot. So after Hannah's Birthday Party on Saturday everyone went home. Aaron stayed and had dinner with us and we got to sit and talk with him and take him home that evening. He turns out to be a good kid and we also found out the reason of Sami being stand offish with him.... he is moving to Waco, Texas in January. His Father is deploying and his mom is moving back to wear family is at and wear he can play football and hopefully get a scholarship to where else??? You guessed it, he is considering Texas A&M! He let that slip but also said he is a Longhorn fan too. I don't think he is afraid of us anymore now that we have spent sometime with him. Chris and I figured seems how he is always around and hanging out with Sami that we better put our good foot forward and get to know the kid. The two of them are very comfortable with each other (not in that sense!) but like they know each others likes and dislikes and get each others jokes etc... they will even call each other out on something. To sit back and watch their interaction with each other was undeniable. They like each other a lot! So I thought I would introduce him here for all the grandparents, godparents to meet also. She will love me for this. Emily has even more pictures she told me of them together. She called and said she will bring me the chip soon!!! It was actually, a really good day. Chris bowled with all the older kids and Chris and Aaron got a little heated with bowling and seeing who could out strike each other. I am just glad that our daughter feels comfortable enough to bring her friends around us and lets them hang out with us. I would rather that then not know whats going on in her life at all.
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