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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ethan's Soccer Picture and Team Picture for the Fall Soccer Season League 10-12 year olds. 2009

Look how handsome Ethan is!!! We just got him a new hair style after all these years. I am so excited about it and he was too. I say was because it is now back to big and spiky. Not short and spiky but long. He went to school for school picture day with the same hair do and the kids told him he looked like he was from the 80's! Ethan doesn't handle stuff like this well and came home and told me he wanted to go back to his hair style just longer and spiker becaue that is what is in style and would look better on him. Me I was disappointed but I did it for him and it made him happier. However, at least I got two photos this year his soccer picture and school picture with this hair cut. The name of his team is called The Chiefs! Ethan thought this was cool because as he said to me " Mom wasn't that what Papaw was in the military?" Why Yes, Ethan he was!! So he is proud of that. To me thou in this picture when I first got it, I stared at it for awhile because it struck me like really hard for two reason's. First, he looks just like his dad in this picture. Its like no denying. Second, I see my brother Jay in this picture as well at this age. I was really shocked at how much it reminded me of Jay at this age. See it just goes to show how family ties run deep! As soon as I get his school pictures I will post and then yes, I promise Aunt Jody and Nana & Papaw, and Grandma & Poppa Pearson and Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Gary and Poppa and Grandma Tina we will get some wallets out to you all to have of updated photos for you. Besides you all will have some really great Christmas photos coming soon!!! Aunt Jody is taking them for us in New Mexico!! I think up in the mountains but not sure yet. Enjoy!

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