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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ethan with his buddies Dillon and Ishmail


These are Ethan's 2 best friends. They have the same class together in 6th grade and have had group assignments together on Africa where I think it brought the boys closer together. This past weekend Ethan asked if they could stay the night. Ofcourse, to encourage friendship in Ethan's life after some rough times I said yes even thou I felt horrible with a ear infection and migraine. These boys are good kids. They get hyper but what kids don't their age. Ishmail is 12 and Ethan just turned 11 in July and I think Dillon will be 12 sometime at the beginning of next year. They did the things boys do best. Played Xbox most of the evening, ate everything in site, then I ordered a movie for them on Demand. That Tyler Perry's Medena Goes to Jail. I told them nothing above pg-13. They had a blast and most of all Ethan really had a good time with having friends stay over. I hope these friendships keep building between the boys and Ethan is able to form bonds with the boys. I think this would be a great thing for him!
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