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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Elijah's Soccer PIcture and Team Picture for Fall Soccer Season League 6-8 year olds. 2009

This is Elijah's soccer pictures this year!!! The photographer just loved him. She took so many shots of him because he kept saying " you like this pose or this pose!" Yes, that is my son! A Ham! She sent us a sheet with the watermarks over them of all the other pictures on paper for us to see and she did, she choose the best one out of them all but wanted us to see how cute our son is. I think we are already bias to that fact:) As you can see Chris is in the team picture as well. Why, you might ask. Well he is the assistant coach so he was going to be in the picture but the night of pictures the head coach and his kid were late and Chris had to keep putting off the photographer because all the kids were there but not the coach. Soon the wife of the head coach comes running in and Chris is like where is he? She say's " oh he isn't coming. He decided to make a run to Houston to go pick up a trailer instead". UM, can you say many parents not happy including my husband who then said well you need to get in the picture with the kids seems how you and your husband are the head coach's. Yeah, she fought to not be in them and told Chris to get in them in their place. Chris put his foot down and said I will get in them with you now get in there and she did. Finally, we got the team picture shot without the head coach. I tell ya, who coach's a team but decides to be elsewhere on a scheduled night of pictures for the team? Then people wonder why I can't stand other people!!!:) Other than that, my baby looks so cute and I love the picture of him. His school picture along with Hannah's and Ethans should be coming soon for me to post. Enjoy for now!!!

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