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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Day At Six Flags With Grandma Kathy and The Concert Mercy Me!!!!


We went on Sunday to Six Flags and had a great time. It was a high humidity day, we were dripping in sweat but had fun. Six Flags was of course packed for the Labor Day Weekend and everyone was there to see Mercy Me in Concert. Let me tell you something about that.
IT was the most amazing, spirit filled concert I have ever been too. My kids love this group also and were on their feet dancing and singing and worshiping right along with everyone else. It was a amazing thing to feel and be part of. The Holy Spirit was definitely moving in that Amusements Park that evening for sure.
My favorite part was when we were in worship and Hannah turned around and hugged me and said "Mommy, I'm am so sorry for being bad and not listening to you. I promise to try harder to be good". I of course hugged her and Thanked Her and she said, "Mom its what God would want me to do". This from my 8 year old daughter!
WE got t-shirts for everyone and some CD's and just really enjoyed the whole day and evening. What was even more special was watching Grandma Kathy be moved by the spirit also. She choked up a couple of times and got some serious goose bumps running threw her and was amazed she said at how her grandchildren know God and Worship him and now how to act. I said, well they should. They know this is a time for praise and worship and to Glorify God and to show respect. She was just amazed by the whole event and I think spiritually moved inside. She bought some CD's to take home with her and is having Sami burn her some more Christian CD's we have for her to start listening to. God is so Good and we are just amazed by what we got to be part of.
Anyway, Enjoy the photos. As you can see we rode some rides, Elijah got to go to his now Famous Wiggles World and has gone with every grandparent but Papaw! I guess at Christmas Time when Nana and Papaw come we are going back for the Holiday Event there and Papaw has to go with Elijah to Wiggles World!!! Fun for Papaw!!!! We will be riding rides:) Till next post, God Bless, The Pearson Family and Grandma Kathy!
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