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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our 5 hour day on the soccer fields watching The Final Four Play!


Well every Saturday from now till eternity it feels like is soccer day in our house. We are up and at the fields between 8-9am and are there till between 1-2pm. Each one of the kids is on a soccer team this year and they each play games at different times on different fields. Sometimes we get lucky and have 2 games on 2 fields right next to each other were I stand in the middle and cheer them both on. Not yesterday. Each at their own times spread out hour after hour. As you all know in San Antonio as the day rolls on, so does the heat and the heat index! Plus it had rained a bit early in the morning and so the humidity was so high I thought I was going to die!
Let's see, for a recap, Sami and Elijah's Teams Won, Ethan and Hannah's Teams did not. Just the opposite of last week. Actually, this was Sami's first game and that is why there are pictures of her playing and not the others playing. Let me tell you, she is on the teenage league and they are competitive. It was almost like watching tackle football rather than soccer!! Many kicks of the ball to the face's, many kicks to the stomachs and face and legs, many ramming and knocking each other over or just really hard running into each other and knocking the wind out of people. I had to cover my eyes many times and did a lot of the Mom noise's of " Oh my gosh" "AWWWW & NOOOO!!!" "Be Careful" etc..... Brutal is what it was. Some parents and the coach's even had to jump on the ref to calm them down and call some fouls. The coach's even jumped after the kids too. Which I was glad to see, but it took almost half the game for them to realize I think that this was a no holds bar game between both the teams. Sami says they are all friends at school too. So I don't know what the deal was. There are also some pictures of Me with Elijah wearing his Team Parent Shirts that we bought. The boys watching Sami's game. Yes, the both have yellow shirts this year but different teams and age group. Hannah watching Sami play covering herself from the sun with the umbrella which her and boys took turns with trying to make shade. Plus Chris with the boys and Chris and I together. I am so proud also to be in these jeans I am wearing. I haven't been able to wear these jeans in 3 years!!!! Now I have about 20 pounds to go and I will back to my ideal weight! If only I can get out of this Plato I have been riding. Forget any hair styles that I thought we all had when we arrived at the fields. After that long day all I can say is what hairstyle? Enjoy....
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