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Friday, September 11, 2009

Mom, Chris and I down at the RiverWalk in Downtown San Antonio!


Well the kids were in school and it was time to Kathy(Mom) down to the Riverwalk finally! So we headed out and it started to pour down rain. I mean pour down rain! Of course, San Antonio has had over 58 days straight of 100 degrees and above and the one day we go out just the adults its raining. So we get there and head over to see the Alamo real quick and walk back down in the rain to the riverwalk. We had to walk the whole thing till we got to the restaurant side of the Riverwalk and by that time Kathy and I had given up on our hairstyles for the day. We were soaked. Finally, we found a really good Tex-Mex place and sat and had a great meal and margaritas and chips and salsa and waited out the rain which did pass and soon enough the sun came out. So we headed to go put Mom on a riverboat to ride and see the whole riverwalk but because its after Labor Day and tourist season is over they were only doing boat rides every hour. Well we got there after 2pm and the next one wasn't till 3pm and we couldn't wait that long beings the kids got out of school at 3:15pm. So we walked most of the riverwalk up to were the damn was put in were the big flood happened and walked back up the other side of it. It was nice a warm, not to hot and a perfect walk and day. Got lots of good shots aside from my clothes being to big on me now. I still look huge! I have lost to date 70 pounds. Kathy looked great. New hair style and lost weight and just all around looked great. This is why I hate being in pictures but Chris of course took the camera from me. UGH!!!! You wait, payback Christopher (as your mom says!!!) Overall we had a great time and enjoyed our afternoon together just the 3 of us!
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