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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy 37th Birthday Daddy/Chris...We Love You!


Well as you can tell Today is Chris's birthday. We aren't doing anything special as normally we don't for Chris and I's birthday. We normally keep the focus on the kids but I wanted to show him that we still want to recognize him on his special day of turning a day older!!!! Yes, he is 37 today. 2 years older than me...hehehehehe:))))
No, in all seriousness I don't know another man that God could have put in my life better than Chris. There are days he drives me crazy and then there are times when I sit back and see all that he does and he doesn't get enough credit for.
God knew one day he would be needed to serve a higher calling in my life. When I got sick, Chris took over and when things went from bad to worse, he was there. In all our highs and lows he has been there. I couldn't ask for more. He steps up were a lot of other men wouldn't have and no one knows that more than me.
As a father what can I say.... I lucked out again. Chris is the best dad I know. Our 4 children adore him and his love in unconditional for them as well. They say "JUMP" and dad says "HOW HIGH!!!" From day one he has taken on any role needed filled in our home and lives. He is a awesome man, husband, father, son, uncle, son in law, nephew, and brother. He does his best and more most days.

Chris/Daddy We Love You and wish you could have this day of for rest and relaxation but as you and I both know your day is full with the duty's that call you. I promise to make you your favorite enchilada's this weekend and I promise to Thank God for you Everyday. Happy Birthday, Love Cori and The Final Four!!!
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