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Monday, September 21, 2009

Hannah Turns 8 on Sept 25th!!!


This is a cute collage I put together of Hannah of some pictures of her over the past 3 years. I can't believe she is going to be 8 years old. 8 years ago on Sept 24th which is also Chris's birthday ( he will be 37 on Thursday!!!) I was also in labor with Hannah. She arrived on Sept 25th, 2001. Just 2 weeks after 9/11! I remember so well because the airlines had just reopened and were allowing passengers to fly and my mom jumped on the first plane out of Alaska to head to Omaha were she was born. After 5 ultrasounds of them telling me it was a boy and all the birth announcements filled out with Nathaniel Edward and the nursery all deck out for a boy and baby boy clothes hanging in the closet, out came our 2nd daughter!!! Well she has proved us all wrong about being called a boy since her first screams!!! She is all girl and she lets us know it. She loves being pretty, loves clothes and makeup and doing her nails and loves to wear my high heels. For her 8th birthday she asked me for 3 things. One she wants me to take her to the nail salon to get her a mani and a pedi so her nails look beautiful! Next she wants her ear's pierced and after soccer season is over she wants gold hoops! The third thing she wants is a party at the bowling alley with all her friends from school. I said DONE!!! That is simple and sweet. However, not to make Nana upset or anything but Nana has been here for all of Hannah's birthday's. This year she will not be. Well with how busy we have been it slipped my mind to tell Hannah. Well, she just asked me tonight what day is Nana coming in for her birthday so we can go pick her up at the airport. Ummmm, yeah not this year she is not coming I said to Hannah who then began to run down why Nana always comes to her birthday and takes her to dinner and meets her teachers and friends etc..... So Nana if you read this you better call your granddaughter and explain!!!:) I tried and I don't think she believes me. WE will be having Hannah's birthday party on the 3rd of October so look for those pictures to come. In the meantime I will post pics this weekend of her getting her nails done and ear's pierced. Hard to believe but they keep growing up on me.... these are the times when it makes me sad, but happy at the same time. Happy Birthday Hannah May. We Love You!!!!
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