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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ethan, Hannah's, and Elijah's First Day of Soccer Games! Sami starts next week!


Well it was the first day of soccer games. Elijah's was first and he loved it. His age group doesn't keep score so I really don't know who won beings that halfway threw the game it started to rain really good. Thank goodness Chris was prepared and bought us a big umbrella and slickers to wear in case it did rain. Mine got put to good use!!!!. Then after Elijah's Game on 2 other fields Hannah and Ethan played on separate fields but right next to each other and at the same time. Yes, I was one of those mom's standing in between both fields making circles to cheer for each team as it went along. Ethan played goaly most of the game and that is him in the blue shirt in the picture grid. He did awesome. He stopped 5 goals from being made on him. However, they lost their first game. The Name of Ethan's Team is the Chief's.
Hannah hit the field running and kept going. She loves competition and boy did she get it. She did awesome and so did her whole team which are called The Dragons, Same name as Elijah's Team. Yes, I get confused!!!! Hannah's team won their first game and we are very proud of all 3 kids. They did a great job their first day out on the fields. Sami's team doesn't play till next Saturday when we will be at the fields from 9am-2pm!!! Joy for us!!! There is one Saturday when all 4 of my kids will be playing a soccer game next to each other on different fields but all at the same time. Lets just say, I will be doing a lot of walking back and forth during this season. I was so thrilled thou. Some friends we hadn't seen in a long time were there and came up to us and made my day. I have lost 70 pounds and got back on some jeans I haven't worn in almost 3 years. They said they didn't even recognize me because I had lost so much weight! That was a feel good comment. I have more to go but That was awesome. The kids looked at me and said "See Mommy, we told you, you looked good!"
Overall Coach Chris is so proud of his team also for winning their first game and is hoping for a great season. He is Head Coach of Hannah's Team and Assistant Coach for Elijah's Team. Yes, he is busy but he was grinning ear to ear and enjoys being a coach for the kids. I am of course team mom again and need to get on it. They want team shirts for the parents. A mom's job is never done:) Till Next Time.....
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